Bed bug Traps and Insect Interceptor Monitor Trays- 8CT BedBug Reusable Trap Chemical Free and Slippery Proof

The Shark Bed Bug Traps and Monitor Interceptors do not require powder as it has been highly polished. However, for the convenience, we also provided the talcum powder in advance. How to use it: 1. Place the bed bug traps in the suspected area underneath a furniture legs where the bed bugs can clim up. 2. The furniture legs should be put in the center ring, so it traps the bed bugs before climbing. What is included: 8CT of bed bugs interceptor traps

Product Features

  • TRAP THE BUGS EVERYWHERE: can be used in beds, couches, sofas, recliners, chairs, armchairs
  • SLIPERY-PROOF: Added Rubber can prevent the bed bug traps moving around, gives more stability
  • LEVEL with FLOOR: the unique design of a curve angle and outer flat ring can be used for carpet or hard floor and will not be warped.
  • EFFECTIVE: There is no way out for the bedbugs once they are trapped inside. The outer ring is highly polished to reach the extra smoothness, so the bugs will be trapped securely.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: This product is scentless chemical free. Safe for kids and pets. Pesticide free!

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