Breyer My Dream Horse Customizing Thoroughbred

Create the horse of your dreams with Breyer’s My Dream Horse Customizing Kit. Start with an unpainted Classics model sculpted by equine artist Kitty Cantrell. Add paint to make the model any color and pattern you can imagine. After you’ve painted your dream horse, add a gorgeous, flowing, real hair mane and tail! A detailed color instruction booklet shows you how to customize your model with your own, personal flair.

Product Features

  • Contains classic un-painted thoroughbred horse
  • Includes real mohair
  • Includes paints and brushes

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2 thoughts on “Breyer My Dream Horse Customizing Thoroughbred”

  1. way fun! This toy is educational because with the booklet you can read all about horse markings.I thought it was fun when i painted it. But putting on the mane is a bit hard because there’s only glue to hold the mane in place.however There is enouph glue to complete this project. i got this toy for my is fun to paint. I think that it’s a fun thing to do if you like horses and crafts.if you are a child you probroblly should have an adults help to attach this product’s mane. there is also plenty of paint and paint colors. all in all a great product.

  2. Pretty Nice! I recently bought this after deciding that it might be a fun project to work on.The horse and kit are both very nice – good quality and pretty easy to understand. The paints were gorgeous, but I wish there had been more provided of each color (I barely had enough base color to cover the horse, and even then it could’ve used a bit more.) The brushes were also of decent quality – they aren’t crappy little plastic kids’ brushes, and they came in three sizes which were ideal for covering the horse but also for adding in small details.The instruction booklet was VERY helpful. It not only teaches you how to paint the horse, but it also gives suggestions for markings and tells about them.Attaching the mane and tail proved kinda tricky and messy, and I’m sure a child would have a lot of trouble with it on their own (I’m 18 and a huge crafter, and this was a bit tricky even for me.) The results look pretty good, however, so I think it was worth the trouble. However, I would not have minded just a basic, paintable, sculpted mane and tail, as it would’ve been much easier, especially for children.Overall, this is a nice product and a fun project for a rainy evening. The results look very nice, and the horse makes a neat display (plus, having a completely customized Breyer horse is pretty cool.)

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