It’s the mother of all cat books. The book that gave new meaning to wacka-wacka and forever redefined it.
Cat is the classic that started it all. It gave a voice to catmaniacs around the country and launched an entire genre in publishing and licensing. Everybody went crazy.

“Neither cute nor mysterious but instead simply and irreverently, even raucously, very funny.”—Village Voice.

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2 thoughts on “Cat”

  1. Twenty-seven Years and Still Purring I bought this book by accident. Well, not really, but I allowed another reviewer to seduce me into buying the new Kliban Cat Calendar and I saw this book listed as well on the calendar’s detail page. I saw the words ‘anniversary edition’ and decided to order it. It was only after I received it that I discovered that seventeenth anniversary of “Cat” was in 1992, two years after Kliban’s death. So 2002 is really the 27th anniversary. All that being said, I want to state that this little book would be fantastic no matter what it’s age is, or what the age of it’s reader is either. I love this book.

  2. Kliban captures the both the wisdom and mischief of cats Alas, Bernard “Hap” Kliban is gone, but his genius lives on in “Cat”, a book of cartoons that captures the personality of the cat as seen by cat lovers. Strangely enough, Kliban was a cartoonist for “Playboy”, contributing cartoons for that publication until his death. The cat cartoons were discovered by a “Playboy” editor and the 1975 book “Cat” was born.Kliban’s cats are rotund bug-eyed creatures with a smile on their faces that says the joke is on you. The cartoons include the cats doing nonsensical things as well as performing deeds that you always suspected they might be guilty of as they interact with dogs, mice, people, and in some cases impersonate people. Included among the cartoons is a cat playing a banjo singing a tune of his own making with the lyrics “Love to eat them mousies. Mousie’s what I love to eat…”. For those that can remember the days when a television was a heat emanating device that invariably attracted napping cats there is a cartoon of a couple sitting in front of a television with a transparent cat standing in front of the screen. Their comments: “We enjoy the television set now that we got ourselves a transparent cat!”. Interspersed among the “Kliban cats” are truly beautiful and elegant drawings of Kliban’s own real-life cats, to whom he dedicated this book.If you enjoyed Gary Larson’s “Far Side” series and you are a cat lover I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book. I highly recommend it.

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