What To Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting Kittens

What To Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting Kittens

Felines length of pregnancy to birthing of baby kitties is about 60-64 days total.

To start with, the cat’s pregnancy isn’t noticeable. It’s pretty much standard with pregnancy in animals of all kinds that it doesn’t become
noticeable for a little while.

About one month through the term it is pretty easy to tell when felines are carrying kittens.

After about a month of being pregnant, the felines stomach grows and quite often this looks like the cat is gaining weight, possibly
from eating too much food or too many treats.

Upon noticing the cat’s belly becoming bigger, it won’t be long and it’s nipples will also enlarge and
become more obvious too, which will give certain clarity that it is pregnant.

Many questions arise in regards to what follows from this point with pregnant felines and precisely everything that should be done to get ready for the birthing of new kitties and to keep the momma cat strong and well.

About two weeks before birthing, sometimes the unborn kittens move around in such a way that one can see their outline and gently stroking the mother’s belly it often is possible to feel them too.

Preparing a location for birth should be taken care of now. Cats desire a quiet area away from everything and which is dark. A closet may be a good option due to lack of light and the ability to leave the door ajar so the mother can get in and out as she may so desire.

Even though an ideal area has been readied, it still isn’t a sure bet that the pregnant feline will actually go along with it. Cats will make that decision independently.  If the mother chooses some other place, let her be where she’s comfortable and do what you can to make it even better, keeping safety and security in mind.  Pregnant cats will seek out the ideal location to give birth up to a couple weeks ahead of birthing the kittens.  Kindly keep in mind that momma cats will birth their kittens anyplace they are when the time is right. When those baby kittens are ready to come, they are going to get born and it won’t matter if she’s in the coziest spot prepared or in the garage. In case the kittens are born in a less than ideal location, not to worry, the mother cat will generally pick them up and move them to the place she had in mind for them to be and one should not get in the way of letting her do so.

Approximately 24 hours or less prior to birth, one may observe excessive licking going on as the mother will begin to lick herself incessantly near to the genitalia.  About 30 minutes to an hour or so prior to birth, one may notice a sudden “squirt” of fluid expelled from her body, this is the water breaking and the kittens will come soon thereafter.

Another popular question about pregnant cats is the question of how many kittens to expect . Usually 1-4 kittens is normal but of course, it can be more. Getting an exam from your veterinarian may give a more accurate answer.

Newborn kittens cannot see or hear, they are born deaf and blind. All kittens are born with blue eyes which change to the green eyes most often found in cats and their ability to hear usually happens within 10 -14 days.

If the mother allows it, newborn kittens can be gently touched. Sometimes the mothers want their babies to be left entirely alone and if that’s what she wants then that’s what she should get.

Newborn kittens will grow quickly but it will be two to three weeks to see them start moving around. Thereafter, they will be hard to keep up with as they will be scampering around everywhere and eight to ten weeks they can be given away to loving homes.

That is the basic information on what might be expected with pregnancy of cats and birthing. Always keep in mind to obtain necessary vaccinations to keep cats healthy.

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A Cat is able to enjoy many years with you. Delightful creatures in need of little care and with so much love to share.