Donkeys: Miniature, Standard, and Mammoth: A Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders

Addressing a common misconception, this handbook explains that donkeys are not horses and that the two kinds of animals are genetically and anatomically quite different. Carefully laying out the special physiological and environmental needs of donkeys, the book educates owners, would-be owners, and breeders about how best to care for their charges while also providing clear technical information on donkey anatomy and behavior, diseases, breeding, and general husbandry. Written with affection for donkeys and their antics, the book goes a long way toward preventing common and sometimes dire mistakes in caring for these interesting animals.

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3 thoughts on “Donkeys: Miniature, Standard, and Mammoth: A Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders”

  1. Fantastic! As author of The Donkey Companion (Storey Publishing), I was thrilled to see that Dr. Purdy has written a book about donkey care. I bought it and it more than fulfills my expectations! This would be a fantastic item to give your donkey’s vet as a gift. Definitely, two thumbs up!

  2. Best Book On Donkeys!! I would HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone that has donkeys. It is hard to find a Vet that knows and understand donkeys. I showed the book to my Vet and she is purchasing it as well. It has blood values for donkeys which is different from horses. The Author talks about medications for donkeys. It is just a must have for donkey owners or Vets.

  3. one of my favroite doneky information books love this book is a great referance to my donkey care guidance, has good information and is quick and to the point. Great for new donkey owners and old alike… very helpfull to know what to expect from a vet and to keep the owner looking out for the best interest of their longears.

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