GoPetClub Cat Tree Condo Scratcher Post Pet Bed Furniture F2040-Blue

GoPetClub produces pet products and simply offer the widest variety of cat furniture on the market. With our own manufacturer we carry exclusive design cat trees and pet related products that make us a one stop pet supply marketplace.
Description: Overall Size : 50″W x 26″L x 72″L ,
Base Board Size : 28″W x 24″L ,
Size of Condo 1 : 20″W x 15″L x 11.5″H ,
Size of Condo 2 : 15″W x 12″L x 10″H ,
Top 3 Perches : 13.5″W x 13.5″L x 2.5″H ,
Number of Posts : 10 ,
Number of Levels : 15 ,
Covering Material : Faux Fur ,
Board Material : Pressed Wood ,
Easy to assemble with step by step
instruction and tools included

Product Features

  • Model: 2040-Blue
  • Posts hand wrapped in textured sisal rope
  • Covering Material: Faux Fur
  • Board Material: Wood
  • Overall Size: 48″W x 24″L x 74″H

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3 thoughts on “GoPetClub Cat Tree Condo Scratcher Post Pet Bed Furniture F2040-Blue”

  1. Castle in the Sky For me this was a major purchase and I did a LOT of research for a suitable cat gym furniture as my cat is 15 pounds and stands about 18 inches tall on all four legs.Condo, ramp, and top perch were three must-have features… The color was fantastic. For the price the model looked promising; I checked out the reviews for both colors of the F2040, noting all concerns.I did email the company about the size of my cat- they politely but briefly assured me that each perch supported 20 pounds of weight.Promptly after placing my order GoPetClub emailed me the tracking number; my item arrived in a timely fashion. Somehow the box was damaged and the base piece exposed (picture provided).Another note about shipping… the order is calculated at 55c per pound and stated shipping weight is 89lbs, thus $53.80 in S&H. Yet in actuality it is only 70lbs, thus more than a $10 difference.The instructions were the worst… I’ve assembled a lot of furniture but this one was a challenge. The blue parts were simple, the screws not too difficult to figure out, but not having the sisal posts labeled greatly increased the assembly time. I tried to color-code my instructions but it was difficult to figure out which size was #43 or #38 (picture provided). There were four of #52 instead of three like the other sizes so that wasn’t too confusing, but it took me three tries otherwise.Once together it looks great! Unfortunately, while the unit is large and supports sizes larger than my cat… I cannot say it is completely comfortable for him. While I was initially hesitant on ordering online, after noting measurements and reassurance from the company, I thought it would work out.After a couple of weeks the unit still seems stable- even the hanging critters that most reviews said fell off are just fine, despite the fact I think they get the most use. :)Oreo does scratch at the posts which has great value, although after two weeks I rarely see him interact with it other than to get to the catnip and treats we put out every day to attract him to it.FYI, I debated rating this a 3 or 4. The shipping and especially the instructions were the negative points; otherwise this product seems good.

  2. This is a GREAT condo for cats!!! It is VERY easy to put together, because the pieces twist together. It is extremely sturdy, which means that you will not need to worry about it toppling over.The toys come off easily.If you have cats that like to climb, or perch this is a good addition for your household.I have three cats, and they all love it. My oldest climbs up the stairs instead of jumping. The two youngest cats like to sleep on the highest perches.I suggest keeping it next to a window, because they will love being able to perch and look outside at birds.Overall, other than the toys this condo was more than worth the amount it cost. It you really want to see your kitties happy, this is the way to go! 🙂

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