John Boos GT-50 Carbon Steel Grease Interceptor

Injection molded in engineered thermoplastics. Will not corrode, chip, or peel, not even under the most severe applications. One piece tank design – compact, durable, user-friendly solution. Lightweight and strong: weighs up to 60 percent less than metal interceptors. Can be installed in-floor, on-floor, or semi-recessed. Measurements: 24.5″ long by 16.5″ tall by 17.5″ wide; 3″ from top to pipe opening, 12″ from pipe opening to base. 25 lbs G.P.M capacity. 50 lbs Grease capacity. Both ends accept no-hub adapters for steel or plastic. T-vent pipe included. C IAPMO compliant models: GT8-GT30; UPC compliant models: GT40-GT100.

Product Features

  • No-skid cover
  • Cover locking device
  • Removable baffle
  • Both ends accept No-hub adapters for steel or plastic
  • T-vent pipe included

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