KVP Recova Shirt E-Collar Alternative Pet Recovery Collar, XX-Small

The Recova Shirt is a comfortable e-collar alternative, promoting post-surgical healing and preventing agitation of sensitive areas. Recova Shirt is ideal for pets with skin issues or those suffering from incontinence, and also helpful in reducing separation anxiety. NOTE: Measurement A = Circumference of chest behind front legs. Measurement B = is the spine from the shoulders to the tail.

Product Features

  • Measurement A: 8.5″ – 9.5″ – Measurement B: 10.5″- 11.5″
  • The Comfortable E-Collar Alternative
  • Promotes post-surgical healing, preventing pets from agitating sensitive areas
  • Ideal treatment for skin issues, senior pet ailments and incontinence
  • Helps reduce separation anxiety

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