Melissa & Doug Horse Play

Let your imagination run free with this family of four Appaloosa horses by Melissa and Doug. With velvety texture, dramatic markings, and realistic tails and manes, the two larger horses are saddled up for adventure and the foals are ready to explore. Dimensions: 9″ x 19.75″ x 5.5″ Packaged. Recommended Ages: 3+ years

Product Features

  • Family of four Appaloosa horses
  • Velvety texture, dramatic markings, and realistic tails and manes
  • Two larger horses are saddled up for adventure
  • High quality materials ensure durability and safety
  • Exceptional quality and value

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3 thoughts on “Melissa & Doug Horse Play”

  1. Daughter LOVES her horses! My daughter has a thing for horses right now.. and so when I looked for play horses, I immediately sought out Melissa & Doug. I did the right thing.. she LOVES these horses!This set includes 4 horses. It has a mommy, daddy, sibling (which we call the “sister”) and baby horse. All 4 are different sizes. The mommy and daddy horse both come with saddles. Some may be disappointed with the saddles, but I kinda like the way they are.. they can be easily taken off if the kiddo doesnt want the horses to wear them. But, my 3 year old can not put the saddles back on the horses.. she has to get my help to do so. I do like the fact they are easy to take off though (yet, they stay put until you do take them off).Something I want to note.. the horse hair – I was kinda impressed with it. Well, I’m not a horse expert – this is the first play horse set we have ever bought my daughter and I wasnt about to spend a fortune on the those other horses (i’m sure you know what i’m talking about!) – and the horse hair is pretty decent. I have yet to see any of it fall out. The horses themselves are okay quality too – are the best? Well, no, but they dont cost a fortune like the other ones do.. so i wouldnt expect them to be perfect!Bottom line.. excellent play horse set! I highly recommend this set for any child who loves to play with horses! And, if you are looking for a stable for the horses to sleep / play in, I would highly recommend the Melissa & Doug Folding Horse Stable – excellent compliment to these horses!

  2. broken within an hour…. I bought these horses for my six year old, and within about 30 minutes, one of the legs broke on one of the horses. They are hollow and constructed out of a cheap, lightweight plastic. My daughter is not particularly hard on her toys. I suppose she is used to the durable construction of the Schleich animals, which, although a tad more expensive, would’ve been a better buy.

  3. Horse Family I got this as a Christmas present for my 3 year old son who loves horses. The only bad thing about the horses was he figured out how to “peel” the skin layer off so the whole horse was white. Also, they aren’t very sturdy. ALl in all, he still loved them and he still plays with them.

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