Norpro Nonstick Pig Pancake Pan

Grease and fill pan with pancake batter. When it bubbles, flip pancake onto fry pan or griddle to cook back side. Breakfast is served with cute pig pancakes!

Product Features

  • Measures 10.5 inches/26.5cm in length
  • Made of nonstick and has a stay cool comfort handle
  • A fun piglet face embossed into your pancake
  • FDA approved nonstick coating
  • Hand washing recommended

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3 thoughts on “Norpro Nonstick Pig Pancake Pan”

  1. Great – very cute but very time consuming I got this to make monkey pancakes for my daughter’s birthday party sleepover. They loved them. It just took a while to make 12 monkeys with one little pan. Very worth the money!!!

  2. Cheap Material The pan is neat as a novelty but it’s constructed of thin metal so you have to keep moving it around as you cook to avoid burnt/raw spots, it’s NOT nonstick despite what it claims (I advise having plenty of PAM handy) and the cheap plastic handle broke the first time I tried to wash it.My girlfriend and I have used it (improvising a set of locking jaw pliers to replace the broken handle) a few times over the last couple weeks. It’s fun to make little pig faced pancakes as long as you don’t mind the fact that you have to stand right at the stove and make them one at a time.At the end of the day, cheap junk from China is still just cheap junk from China though.

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