Pigs (Classic Munsch)

Megan is told to feed the pigs, but not to open the gate. She does of course, and the results are hilarious as the pigs help themselves to coffee and the newspaper at the breakfast table, follow Megan to school, and ride home by way of the school bus. Full-color illustrations.

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2 thoughts on “Pigs (Classic Munsch)”

  1. Not his best My 3 1/2 year old daughter is a huge Munch fan and likes this one well enough, but it’s my least favourite. She tends to memorize books and quote them constantly, and I’m not thrilled with the “hey, you dumb….” mantra. This is kind of minor, but how was it that the pigs showed up at school after Megan locked them back in at home? If you’re wanting to add to your Munch collection, he’s written better. Alligator Baby and Thomas’s Snowsuit are fun without the insults and a little more logically consistent.

  2. We Love THis Book I read this book yesterday to my 3-year-old pre-k class today during our afternoon circle time. This story had their attention from beginning to end. I have to add Robert Munsch to our list of favorite authors. Pigs kept my class of 24, that is not a typo,twenty-four 3-year-olds entertained 2 times in a row! The want to hear it again tomorrow for our morning circle time.

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