Sentinal CO2 Regulator

Use an environmental controller like the Sentinel EVC-1 or DEC-4 to activate the CO2 solenoid only during the day and to coordinate the CO2 operation with the ventilation control.

For the most accurate function, Use a PPM controller like the Sentinel CHHC-4i or CPPM-4i to measure and maintain the exact amount of CO2 in the growing environment at all times.

The most common recommendation for PPM levels for rapid plant growth is between 1000 and 1500 PPM. The plants will benefit most by maintaining the CO2 level within this range during daylight hours.

Product Features

  • Pre-wired 120 volt 6 ft power cord.
  • Low wattage electric solenoid valve.
  • Precision custom flow-gauge allows user to select exact flow rate.
  • Tank pressure gauge indicates remaining CO2 tank level.
  • 8 ft 1/4″ air tubing

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