2 thoughts on “Sentry HC WormX Plus Dog Dewormer (Round/Hook/Tapeworm), Large Dog,12-Count”

  1. Excellent De-Wormer I have 2 Alaskan Malamute pups, age 3 months and 3 weeks when I administered this product. They weighed 40 pounds each. One of my pups vomited and I saw a bunch of round worms, alive and crawling all over in the vomit. I was horrfied. Even though the kennel where I bought them from had given them de-wormer all along on a regular bases, they still had worms! I bought them this Sentry de-wormer and it worked like a charm! the next day after I gave them the chewable dewormer, I took them to the vet. On the way home, again the same pup vomited, but all over me! Oh Yuckiiii! I pulled over to the side of the road and really looked at that vomit for signs of worms and they were ALL DEAD! Yah! this stuff worked. The vet did give me more roundworm dewormer to give them in 2 weeks following the dose I had given to them. She told me that about 3 to 4 months old puppies need more dewormer because there are dormant worms in the muscles (I think that is what she said) that hatch out at about that age. I will continue to give my Mals a treatment of dewormer every now and then to keep them healthy. I like this brand and I know it works, easy to give because they are chewable tablets and my 2 pups liked them. Not a problem with them eating it.

  2. Excellent! We recently rescued a German Shepard-Lab puppy from Animal Services, shortly after we adopted her we noticed she had little white worms in her stool. I suspected they were segments of a tapeworm and we bought this medication, within an hour of taking it her diarrhea stopped and she was eating more. A few hours later she was back on the “puppy poop” schedule [at least once every hour] and it was obvious from a distance her stools were laced with dead tapeworms [segments and whole worms]. She’s already back to her energetic self and eating more. We’re extremely pleased with this product and we’re highly recommending it to friends and family. We’ll be ordering more again soon!

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