Toddler Pillow 13 X 18 – Soft & Hypoallergenic – Dr. Trusted – Made in USA – Better Sleep for Toddlers in a Crib or a ‘Big Kid’ Bed – Perfect for School Naps – Backed by Our “Love the Fluff” Guarantee


Anyone can say they are “doctor approved”, but we have gone the extra mile and had our Little Sleepy Head pillow evaluated by an independent medical doctor through a Consumer Protection Organization. We are proud to say that we have received the stamp of approval from this prestigious program. Please visit our website and click on the “Dr. TrustedTM” emblem in the bottom right hand corner to be linked to our certificate of good standing!


Our company cares about the comfort and support of every child. We are honored to support the The Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children’s Cancer with a percentage of each sale, and pillow donations as well for each child they help. We are also proud to support our local Police Activities League in their after school programs for youth. We appreciate all of our customers who enable us to participate in these wonderful organizations!

Please see more detailed product information below under “From the Manufacturer.”

Product Features

  • This snugly, take-it-everywhere he or she goes pillow is THE perfect size and softness for your toddler! Our childrens pillows are just right for toddler beds too!
  • Made in the USA with the finest quality materials by our small, family-run company!
  • 100% Hypoallergenic – your toddler may not have allergies, but why take chances?
  • Not too fluffy, not too flat! This pillow for kids holds it’s shape over time and, of course, it is washable!
  • Backed by our “Love the Fluff” or we will replace it Guarantee! We now have pillowcases!

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Greek Art Paintworks Paint Color By Number,Waiting Dog,16-Inch by 20-Inch

About Greek Art Painting
Greek Art Painting is registered trademark and protected by trademark Law.
Greek Art Painting(TM) has always devoted itself to providing high quality and ourstanding fashionable painting accessories.

Make creating a work of art incredibly simple with these fun paint by number kits.Designed for both adults and children and the best part is you can paint beautiful masterpieces and it can be displayed in your home or given as a gift, even if you’ve never painted before in your life.

There are a few tips and tricks maybe get the best results:
1.As the acrylic pigment, the lukewarm water usually works the best when cleaning brushes.
2.Start at the top of your painting so drying paint stays above the side of your hand while you paint to prevent smudging. Paint the smallest areas first, then the medium-sized, followed by the largest areas. Try to paint with one color at a time if possible and let areas dry completely before painting neighboring sections. Remember to wash your brush completely when changing to a new color.
3.Fill in very small areas by dipping the end of a toothpick in the desired paint color and “dotting” in the area on the canvas.
4.Use enough paint so the numbers don’t show through, but not so much paint that it runs into other areas.
5.Use a magnifying glass and paint in a well-lit area to make sure you complete your painting accurately.
6.If you have to mix certain colors, mix small amounts at a time so you don’t waste too much paint. Darken the color by simply adding a small amount of the darkest paint color you were instructed to mix.

NOTICE:The wood frame does not included in the package.

1.If you accidentally dropped the pigment on the clothes, please wash it immediately.
2.Please close the lid of paint when you finish using it, just in case of the paint getting dry.

Product Features

  • Greek Art,All Rights Reserved made by Greek Art and haven’t another angent.All other seller are fake. Please buy from Greek Art to protect your profit.
  • Pre-printed textured art canvas without wooden frames. Finished size:16*20 Inch. The painting substrate used in all high-end-line material with the special treatment.It is processional color by number painting materials,texture extraordinary.
  • Using high-quality safe acrylic pigment;The pigment is water-based acrylic using environmental,non-toxic and non-pollution.Color saturated bright,long-term preservation work can not fade.
  • The 3 size high quality painting brushes,allowing you to share the pleasure of artistic creation with family and friends.Pen’s peak with high grade nylon material,durable and not easily split.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions.Paint by Number is a relaxing art form which can be completed quickly over a couple of days or enjoyed a little at a time over weeks and months.Perfect for all skill levels.Allow anyone to create stunning masterpieces.It can be displayed in your home or given as a gift.

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Count Toy Dogs 1-20

Product Features

  • 20 zoomable photos of toy dogs
  • Tracing with coloured Bubble Writing
  • Race Mode tests memory and comprehension against the clock
  • Story Mode allows students to look, listen and learn
  • Slideshow Mode displays all the photos in numerical order
  • Zoom and Pan Mode magnifies the images to see more detail
  • Easy on-screen gestures to control the game
  • Context-sensitive help

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Ty Beanie Babies 2.0 Fletch Cover Dog (Laying)

Golden Boy!

Product Features

  • Meet Fletch, an 8″ laying golden retriever who’s cute, cuddly and has a truly lovable face. You know with Fletch you’ll have a friend for life!
  • Each Beanie Babies 2.0 comes with an individual scratch-off secret code that unlocks a virtual world created just for these special Beanies!
  • Comes with an individual scratch-off secret code that unlocks the Beanies virtual world
  • Handmade with the finest quality standards in the industry. Collect them all!
  • Collect them all

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Head Case Designs Chevron and Bunnies Easter Quilts Protective Snap-on Hard Back Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5

Don’t choose between great looking style and protection when you buy a case. Head Case Designs’ Hard Cases transform your mobile back case into an expression of your personal style while shielding it from the forces of the outside world. So with more than 6,500 original case designs to choose from, we have you covered! Slim and Compact. Sleek hard-shell shows off the slim profile of your device, and won’t get caught in your pocket. Stand Out. Surround your device with quality designs that demand attention. Secure Style. Durable polycarbonate shell provides lightweight protection from daily wear and tear. Scratch Resistant. Knock knock, Who’s there? Scratches. Scratches who? Exactly. Raised lip design protects the front screen and edges from scuffs and scratches. A Snap to Install. Single piece body design locks in protection in a simple snap. So swapping between multiple Head Case’s as easy as changing into your favorite T-shirt. Easy Access Baby. Easy access to your device’s controls and ports.

Product Features

  • Features: Official Head Case Designs case Stylish and attractive print Hard-shell polycarbonate material Ultra-thin and lightweight Protection against back scratches Simple snap-on installation
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Supplied: 1 x Head Case Designs Hard Case Mobile device not supplied

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Annie’s Homegrowns Variety Snack Pack, 36 Packs, 2 lbs 4 ounce Net Wt

36 count single serve of the following: 12 units cheddar bunnies, 8 units honey grahams, 8 chocolate chip and 8 units chocolate grahams.

Product Features

  • 75% to 80% made with organic ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or persistent pesticides
  • Adorable bunny shaped, baked crackers that have whole family appeal

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Bunnies by the Bay 0-3 Months Bunny Beanie, Blue

Our nostalgic hand crocheted bunny beanie comes with a yummy crochet carrot on the brim and coordinates with our Bunny Booties. Size 0 3 months. Hand wash and line dry.

Product Features

  • Crocheted beanie
  • Crochet carrot on brim
  • Coordinates great with our “Bunny Booties” for the perfect gift
  • Size 0 3 months
  • Hand wash and line dry

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The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes Gift Edition with Charm

To celebrate the seventieth anniversary of The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes a special gift edition has been created. The gift set includes a golden shoes charm—perfect for anyone who hopes to be wise, kind, and brave! This beloved tale of a mother bunny who dreams of being one of the official Easter Bunnies but must first prove herself to old Granfather Bunny, has won the hearts of generations and continues to appear on our best-seller list every Easter.

Product Safety/Choking Hazard: Contains Small Parts

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Bunnies – A Rhyming Children’s Picture Book ( Fun Ebooks For Kids ) (Fun Picture Books For Children)

Here is what others are saying about this fun children’s picture book for kids!

“The pictures are just too cute. I fell in love with Bunnies!”

“I love trying to find hidden objects in pictures. The hidden bunny on every page was a nice bonus.”

“If you don’t love bunnies now, you will after you see these adorable pictures.”

Picture books for children are a great way to keep small children entertained, and that is exactly what this wonderful bunny book does from start to finish!

If you like bunnies, then wait until you see some these cuties. There is not a person on this planet that will not fall in love with these adorable little fluff balls. The high resolution images look great on every model of the Kindle. Kindle Fire users can zoom in on the images to get a much closer look.

Children love rhymes, and they love pictures of cute animals. This book has them both. This is one book that will put a very big smile on your face.

A note from the author!

“I made this book for my seven year old daughter who just loves bunnies. She also loves to find hidden objects within pictures. She had a great time trying to find the bunny hidden on every single page. I am sure your children will too”

What are you waiting for? We all deserve the big smile that this book will put on your face. Start exploring this children’s picture book today.

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