ThunderShirt Anti-Anxiety Dog Jacket Over Excitement Shirt Keep Calm Clothes and Warm Coat,Large Size(41-64 lbs)

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Veterinary examination is more convenient

Surely you will taking your pet dog to the vet on a regular basis. These visits can cause anxiety in your dog and make it difficult for your pet to get the proper care. Wear this Anti-anxiety clothes helps in keeping your dog calm during these situations

Reduce Travel Anxiety

Summer and Holiday seasons are prime travel times, wearing a calming shirt can relieve stress and ensure a peaceful trip for your dog

Easy To Use

Contains detailed instructions for dressing. The jacket is easy on and off, is adjustable for the right pressure for you dogs


It is machine washable. Soft, breathable fabric

What is in the Package

1x Dog shirt
1x Instruction

Product Features

  • This dog shirt use gentle and scientific methods to relieve anxiety, fear, and excessive excitement
  • Provide relief from vet visits, car trips, fireworks, separation, travel, hyperactivity, loud noise, anxiety, crate anxiety, thunderstorm, anxiety and excessive barking
  • Backed by science: Leading behavior scientists studied ThunderShirt and found it effectively calms dogs.Already over 80% successful at helping millions of dogs
  • Calm Anxious Dogs. More dogs go missing caused by fireworks. Loud fireworks sounds can cause tension and anxiety for many dogs. Wearing a calming coat helps your pet feel more secure around bright lights and especially loud noises
  • We’re so confident in the high quality of the dog shirt that we offer a 2 years money-back guarantee: If it does not work, you just return it for a refund

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Real Bone Steer Skull Accent Western Southwest Desert Cow Skeleton Horn

Real steer skull bison head skullEasy to hang as a wall mount or garden decor.Authentic Cow Skull genuine Southwest and Western DecorMeasurements: ~22” Wide ~20” High ApproximatelyWall Mountable: comes with barb wire in the backNatural steer skull cleaned in acid and weathered outdoorsPerfect for the Texas fans wall mount natural ivory colorShips with lots of foam peanuts and bubble wrap in a very large box.

Exported By ExportYourStore

Product Features

  • Country/Region Of Manufacture:Mexico

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20 Cow Print Balloons (20)

Make your party with black and white Cow Print Balloons! Divine for bovine birthdays! Moo-larious for wedding showers! Perfect for when the old bull is celebrating a special occasion! Tie them up inside and out! Imagine how great the barn will look! Don’t they just make you want to get your graze on? Blown up, balloons measure about 11-inches! 100% latex! 100% fun! Order today!

Product Features

  • 11″ latex balloons
  • 20 pack

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D’s Naturals No Cow Bar Peanut Butter Cookie Dough – 12 – 25.44 oz Bars by D’s Naturals

High Fiber and Non-GMO;All Natural and Vegan;Gluten Free, No Sugar Added and Soy Free;Lactose Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free;21g Plant Protein, 4g Net Carbs, 1g Sugar;Dairy Free;Soy Free;Gluten Free;Vegan

Product Features

  • D’s Naturals No Cow Bar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, 12 Bars, Net Wt. 25.44 Oz.
  • 12 Count

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Schleich North America Simmental Cow Toy Figure

Grass is hard to digest. That’s why cows chew an average of 50 times per minute – a total of 30,000 times per day. Even if we humans really make an effort, we generally don’t chew a morsel of food more than 30 times. Cows produce over 150 liters of saliva per day as a result. This makes them very thirsty, so they also drink a lot of water: up to 180 liters per day. This is equivalent to a large bathtub filled to the top. If they are very thirsty, they can even drink 25 liters per minute.

Product Features

  • Hand painted
  • Highly detailed
  • Made of high quality plastic

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(12) Cow Holstein Black Print Farm Barn Animal Birthday Party 11″ Balloon Latex

American Balloon Company is your online source for Mylar and latex balloons. We offer the highest quality balloons and balloon accessories from Qualatex, Anagram, Betallic, Classic, CTI, Unique and many more manufacturers. American Balloon Company is continually updating and expanding our selection of balloons. In addition to latex balloons, we stock an extensive selection of foil balloons. Our seasonal selections include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduation, and 4th of July to name a few. Our licensed foils include your favorite movie characters, Disney, Sesame Street, Sponge Bob, Angry Birds and many others. We also carry a large selection of everyday foils for all occasions. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions about everything related to balloons. If you have a question, please drop us an email and we will answer promptly.

Product Features

  • 12 Holstein Cow Print Latex Balloons
  • Cow Print All Around
  • 11″ Latex Balloons
  • Qualatex Balloons

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