Top Dog 80 Pack Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Super Quick-Dry Activated Black Carbon Technology – Perfect for Puppy Housebreaking and as Mature Pet, Large (22″ x 23″)

Do you have the puppy training blues? Do you frequently come home to puddles of puppy pee pee? Or ruined carpets, gross odors, stained hardwood floors and guilty looking puppy dog eyes? Well you are in luck – the genius engineers at Top Dog have created the solution to your puppy training blues! Behold: “Top Dog Activated Carbon Pet Relief Pads.” These puppy pads are 25% thicker and 2x more absorbent than those of major name brand competitors. Built with 5-layer construction, our puppy training pads are optimized to ensure your floors stay clean and dry all day long. [*] Layer 1 is our unique Activated Carbon Technology for maximum absorption and minimum odor. [*] Layer 2 is a Super Absorptive Polymer layer that turns liquid into gel instantly! This material is based on technology from USDA labs engineered to hold up to 400x it’s weight in fluid. That’s a lot of fluid. [*] Layer 3 is a cotton tissue fluff to help lock-in moisture. [*] Layer 4 is a tear-resistant top stretch layer that protects the dog training pads from overzealous pups. [*] The 5th layer is our impermeable plastic bottom, which ensures zero liquid seeps through to your previous floors. Best of all, our pads are black, to minimize the visual impact on your home or apartment! We’d love to hear what you think. Please post a review or drop us a line at info [at] top dog pet and home dot com! Happy Puppy Parenting.

Product Features

  • ABSORBS 2x as fast and 2x as much to make sure you never come home to ruined floors
  • BLACK puppy pads, so your pets mess stays discrete and you never see a yellow stain on a white puppy pad in your home
  • ODOR ELIMINATION with carbon technology for all-day use to ensure your home stays fresh
  • LEAKPROOF Dry-Lock Polymer turns liquid into gel instantly to guarantee dry floors and easy clean up
  • PHERMONE ATTRACTION to ensure pets feel comfortable and knows to hit the right spot every time

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Women’s Cool Animal Fun Crazy Socks (Cute Puppies 5 Pairs)

Product Features

  • Made From combed cotton 80%, spandex 15%, polyurethane 4%, elastane 1%
  • Sock size 9-11, fits shoe 6-9
  • Stretchable for better fit
  • Gentle Support and Comfortable Fit and Soft and Comfortable socks.
  • Wash cold inside out and then air dry to reduce shrinkage.

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Puppies 2016 Mini Day-to-Day Calendar

This calendar pays tribute to that cuddly, cute, playful, and loving creature, the puppy.

Each full-color page features a sweet image of a puppy or a quote about these darling canines. It’s guaranteed to melt the heart of any dog lover.

Product Features

  • Cute Puppies
  • Height: 3.000 inches. Width: 4.000 inches.

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Puppies 2016 Mini Day-to-Day Calendar

This calendar pays tribute to that cuddly, cute, playful, and loving creature, the puppy. Each full-color page features a sweet image of a puppy or a quote about these darling canines. It’s guaranteed to melt the heart of any dog lover.

Product Features

  • Format: 2016 Small Daily Boxed Calendar
  • Size Closed: 3.75″ W x 3″ H
  • Size Opened: 3.75″ W x 3″ H
  • Binding: Adhesive
  • Time Span: 365-day

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Puppy Starter Kit Bundle Deluxe Edition in Branded Gift Box – Everything You Need, All Top Name, 5 Star Brands!

The Complete Puppy Starter Kit
Deluxe Edition has everything you need to get started with your new puppy, plus some additional toys and perks! This bundle package makes it so you don’t even need to go to the store before picking up your new puppy! All name brand items that puppies and pet owners love!

The Deluxe Edition package includes:

1) Kong Chew Toy – Puppy Kong Medium (Pink or Blue) (Retail price $10.99)

2) Kong Plush Marvin the Moose Medium (Retail Price $9.49)

3) Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit 3-Pack (Retail Price $8.99)

4) Lupine ½ inch wide Basics Black 8″ adjustable collar for dogs under 20 lbs (Retail Price $9.99)

5) Lupine ½ inch wide Basics Black 6 Foot Leash / Lead with padded handle and 2 inch trigger-style snap (Retail Price $13.99)

6) Precision Pet 2000 Fleece Crate Bed 24″ x 18″ in Cream/White (Retail Price $24.99)

7) Zukes’s Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Training Treats Peanut Butter Flavor (Retail Price $9.99)

8) Two Bergan Stainless Steel Non-Skid Food Dish and Water Dish, Heavy-Duty 4 Cup Dishes (Retail Price $6.99 Each, 13.98 Total)

9) Kong ZoomGroom Raspberry Color Puppy Hair Brush with Soft Bristles (Retail Price $7.99)

10) Four Pours 7-count WeeWee pads for Potty Training (Retail Price $10.99)

11) 15 Doggy Poop Bags – Extra Thick (Retail Price $1.99)

Total Retail Value of the Bundle is over $124 for all items included in this package, and all items have 4+ stars on Amazon! The best puppy products, all in one complete puppy package!

Product Features

  • Open Road Goods supplies you with one package that includes everything you need (and more!) to start out with your new puppy. All of the most favorited items on Amazon, name brands, top sellers.
  • This Deluxe package bundle includes: 1) Kong Chew Toy; 2) Kong Plush Moose; 3) Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit 3-Pack; 4) Lupine 8″ adjustable collar for puppies; 5) Lupine Basics 6 Foot Leash; 6) Precision Pet 2000 Fleece Crate Bed 24″ x 18″; 7) Zooks All Natural Peanut Butter Dog Treats; 8) Kong ZoomGroom Hair Brush; 9) Nonslip Food & Water Dishes; 10) Four Paws Wee Wee training pads; & 11) Doggy Poop Bags
  • Huge savings over individual retail purchases – in one complete package.
  • Makes a great puppy gift pack for new pet owners! Contains all the puppy essentials and more!
  • Perfect for small breeds and young puppies (note: collar made for puppies, fits dogs approx. 20 pounds and less)

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Nature’s Mace 32oz. Concentrate Deer & Rabbit Repellent, Treats 1/2 Acre

Natures’ Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent will deliver more powerful protection than any other brand. Studies prove Nature’s Mace technology works best, outperforming other brands by effectively repelling deer and rabbits from landscapes, gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines. Our product contains more than 3X the active ingredient of other leading deer and rabbit repellents. Unlike other repellents that work on the taste method for repelling, Nature’s Mace uses scent technology proven to effectively repel deer and rabbits better than other methods.

Product Features

  • Nature’s Mace Concentrate Deer Repellent, Makes 4 Gallons, Treats 1/2 Acre Ft
  • Dries odorless, long lasting and rain resistant
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly, harmless to humans, pets and aquatic life.
  • Year round product for all types of plantings, will not wash off during rain, irrigation or normal use

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The Everything Pet Rabbit Handbook – Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Rabbit Ownership, Training, and Care

Thinking about buying a pet rabbit? Want to learn how to raise a healthy and happy bunny?

Written specifically for the pet rabbit owner, this book is your 1st step towards caring for and understanding your bunny. Make sure you can handle the responsibilities that come with pet rabbit care!

Full of facts that every bunny parent should know, if your rabbit could talk they would ask you to read this book. The Everything Pet Rabbit Handbook covers all your rabbit-knowledge needs in an easy to understand format with color photos and helpful information that you can put to use immediately! Information is presented for both USA and the UK.

Get your questions answered with in-depth information on:

Bunny Basics:

  • Is a rabbit a good pet for me?
  • What equipment do I need for a pet rabbit?
  • What should I feed a bunny to keep them healthy and ensure a long life?

Finding Your Perfect Rabbit:

  • What should I look for in a rabbit?
  • What breeds make good pets?
  • Where can I buy/ adopt a rabbit?
  • What should I do to check the health and wellness of a rabbit before bringing them home?

Life with Your Bunny:

  • How do I bunny-proof my house?
  • How should I handle my rabbit?
  • How do I groom my rabbit?
  • How do I introduce my new bunny to my family and kids?

Health, Wellness, & Training:

  • What about vet visits?
  • What signs of illness should I look out for?
  • How do I perform my own rabbit health-checks?
  • How can I tell what my bunny is thinking? (Rabbit body language)
  • What should I do if my rabbit bites?
  • How do you litter box train a rabbit?
    And so much more!

If you want to truly enjoy owning and interacting with your rabbit this is a must-read book. Also included is a recommended rabbit breed list (with descriptions), how to get involved in clubs and other rabbit-related groups, and TONS of useful tips and tricks that will ensure you have a happy and successful relationship with your rabbit.

Your book also comes with free downloads from, which includes a health checklist, chores checklist (great for kids!), and a how-to guide for building your own transport cage.

Don’t put off expanding your bunny-knowledge, get this book and take the first step today!

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Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush, Large

The large slicker brush by Miracle Coat is one of the best tools for grooming undercoats. The fine, wire pins reach into the undercoat to remove loose hair. Regular use deters matting.

Product Features

  • Soft pad and angled flexible pins allows for effective grooming without irritating pet’s skin
  • Use this brush to finish the coat
  • Effectively reaches the undercoat on double coated breeds
  • The Cushioned and ergonomic designed grip prevents hand and wrist strain
  • The large slicker brush has a larger head suitable for use on large dogs

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