Finding the Missed Path: The Art of Restarting Horses

“Horses are a lot like people,” says renowned horseman Mark Rashid. “When there are gaps in understanding, confusion, and thus frustration, worry, and even anger are sure to follow.”

Horses often grow up with these “gaps” in their training and education. When this happens, it can be difficult for the horse to be a willing partner to a human, and he may need to be “restarted”—that is, given a second chance to learn what is expected of him and how he can find a place where he is confident and comfortable both beside a handler and beneath a rider.

In order to restart a horse successfully, we need to know how to retrace the steps the horse’s education has taken and find the path missed the first time around. In this book, the first of the expansive library of books penned by Rashid to include full-color photographs, readers are guided through practical steps for restarting horses, using Rashid’s simple yet impactful concepts derived from years of study of martial arts. We walk along with him as he proceeds with the quiet sorting of experience that provides the insight we need to give any horse the new beginning he deserves.

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Color City Women’s Vintage Style Thick Cotton Warm Winter Socks 5-pack (Horse)

Color City Fashion Soft Comfortable Warm Wool Socks Winter Socks and keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable in bitterly cold days.
Special design various patterns, full of great fun and joy.
Socks need to change and wash every day, prevent for bacteria to keep healthy.
WE RECMMEND gentle machine wash using a washbag, or hand wash with mild fabric soap in warm water.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumbletry.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.
Color City have focused on women socks for a long time. Each sock must pass through our strict inspection. The top thing we care is the quality,the composition and the pattern of the socks. We insist on developing high quality Winter Socks to satisfy our customers.We want to add joy and happiness to your colorful life by our products which can also display our enthusiasm and profession on these socks.

Product Features

  • WINTER SOCKS COMFORT AND SOFT- They are soft and elastic elasticity. They also Breathability, Antibiosis, Absorbent ,Deodorization !
  • MATERIAL:70% cotton, 22% polyester, and 8% spandex.
  • ELASTIC SIZE:Free size 23 to 25cm, suitable for Women US size 5 to 9. They are elastic and perfectly make it suitable for your feet.
  • HIGH-QUALITY- Take Care of your socks and they will not fray, itch, ware or tear fast, they also provide excellent warmth in the cold weather!
  • EXCELLENT GIFT CHOICE – Everybody needs more socks. winter socks make the perfect present for hikers, outdoor walkers, winter socks gift and anybody living in cold weather areas!

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Bound ~ A Dark Horse Novel (Dark Horse Series Book 1)

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors J.S. Scott and Cali MacKay…a new dark, steamy romance about two people who never should have met…


What are the chances of me getting kidnapped in a small town in the foothills of Colorado by a man who is the subject of an international manhunt?

I’d say probably the same odds as winning the lottery…several times. Except I wasn’t that lucky.

I moved to this tiny town and opened a small diner to find some peace. I used to love staring at those beautiful, majestic, snow-capped mountain peaks. Now all that sight brings me is sorrow and heartache.

Still, I’m here.

I can’t leave.

I can’t just run away like I wished I could.

Then, on one cold, winter’s evening, my entire world changes when a desperate man, one wanted for the rape and murder of a young woman in Seattle, drags me away from my diner and back to a dark place that I never wanted to go again.

My kidnapper calls himself Phoenix. But I know who he really is. He’s a cold-blooded murderer who would probably snuff out my life without one bit of remorse.

As I remain his captive, dependent on his mercy, I have to pretend to trust him so I can try to make my escape.

I’m defiant by nature; he wants me to submit.

I hate the way my body reacts to him, craves him, but he considers that a victory.

So one of us is going to lose this battle, and I’m not so certain the winner is going to be me….

Please Note: Bound is a full-length novel of approximately 50k words. Bonus books included so if you liked this novel you can also enjoy Forced by Cali MacKay, and Simon’s story from The Billionaire’s Obsession by J.S. Scott.

Happy reading!!

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Circle Circle 3D Optical Illusion Lamp 7 Colors Change Touch Button and 15 Keys Remote Control Creative Horse Art Sculpture Visual LED Night Light

Item type: 3D illusion light
Light color: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, white, colorful gradients
Switch mode: touch-sensitive and 15keys remote control
Wattage: 1.5W
Illumination angle: 360 degrees
Material type: Acrylic + ABS
Voltage: DC 5V
Power: USB cable (included in the package) or 3-AA battery (Not included in the package)
Product weight: 420g

Package includes:
1 * Acrylic model plate
1 * Base
1 * USB cable
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * 15keys remote control

Acrylic board sided with a protective film, please put the protective film be removed before use.

Product Features

  • With a 15 keys LED remote controller to customize the colors of the LED desk light
  • Touch button: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White, color changing
  • With a USB cable (included in the package) or 3-AA battery (NOT included in the package)
  • Application: decoration light, a perfect gift for Kids, Lover, Birthday, Christmas and Holiday
  • NOTE: 3D just Visual, the lamp itself is Flat! And acrylic board sided with a protective film, please put the protective film be removed before use

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Lead with Your Heart . . . Lessons from a Life with Horses: Finding Wholeness and Harmony at the End of a Lead Rope

Award-winning author and celebrated neurosurgeon Allan J. Hamilton combines his understanding of the human brain with nearly 30 years’ experience training horses to offer wisdom on such universal themes as leadership, motivation, ambition, and humility. The results are showcased in more than 100 thoughtful essays that treat working with horses as a metaphor for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Whether you’re searching for greater spiritual depth or simply want to better understand your four-legged partner, this wise and important collection has something for you.

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Unique Pin The Tail on The Donkey Game

This Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game will kick start your next party. Have party guests take turns trying to blindly put the tail on the donkey. Includes one 19″ x 15″ Donkey Game with everything you need to play. Play this Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game at children’s animal theme birthday parties. Coordinate with other animal theme party supplies and decorations from Unique to pin the tail on your party. Comes with tails, blindfold and 19″ x 15″ game sheet.

Product Features

  • 1 Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game
  • Includes self-stick game pieces, 1 game sheet (19″ x 15″), 1 blindfold and instructions
  • This Pin the Tail on the Donkey Party Game is perfect for any animal theme or barnyard party
  • Blindfold your party guests and watch as they try to stick the tail on the donkey
  • Coordinate with other animal theme party supplies and decorations from Unique

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The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World

A literary ode to peace, presence, and fulfillment inspired by a walk taken with a most surprising creature.

“The demon of speed is often associated with forgetting, with avoidance…and slowness with memory and confronting,” observes Milan Kundera in his novel Slowness. With that purpose in mind—a search for slowness and tranquillity—Andy Merrifield set out on a journey of the soul with a friend’s donkey, to walk amid the ruins and spectacular vistas of southern France’s Haute-Auvergne. The purposeful pace of the journey and the understated nobility of Gribouille, his humble donkey companion, allowed him to confront himself as well as to consider the larger mysteries of life—insight he now shares in his enchanting book, The Wisdom of Donkeys. As Merrifield contemplates literature, science, truth and beauty, and the universality of nature amid the French countryside, Gribouille surprises him with his subtle wisdom, reminding him time and again that enlightenment is all around us if we but seek it. Traveling with Andy Merrifield and Gribouille, we’re reminded of the contemplative and exquisite benefits of nature, passive adventuring, and wild spaces.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Training Mules and Donkeys : A Logical Approach to Longears

Considered the first COMPLETE book on training mules, this is a ‘no-resistance’ training manual covering simple psychology and training techniques to help the trainer have a more enjoyable and rewarding experience with their longears. This book gives a condensed but thorough outline of the information and training covered in the DVD training series Training Mules and Donkeys. Color and B&W photos with illustrations and diagrams.

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