Dog Training Pads- Maximum-Absorption Puppy Pee Pads w/Insta-Dry Technology offer Low Price, High Quality & No Tracking. Save Money & Frustration with Leak-Resistant Pads from California Pet Supply – 23.6″ x 23.6″ (Max-Absorbent, 50-Pack)

Superior Quality. Lower Price. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Here’s a question for you… why go to the trouble of buying piddle pads if they leak or

allow urine to run all over your floor? That sort of defeats the purpose of

having puppy pads, doesn’t it?

Because we’d been so disappointed with all the other wee wee pads on the market, we
decided to develop a better one.

The Problems with Most Training Pads
It doesn’t take a lot of investigating to discover many pads have issues with
absorption, leaking, running and tracking. That’s mainly because the materials used are
lower quality or there simply isn’t enough of the right materials to be effective. That can
leave you with a puddle of piddle.

How our Pads are Better
Our goal in creating our Training Pads was to start the absorption
process instantly (right from the time the piddle hit the pad) and quickly turn the liquid
into gel so it couldn’t go anywhere.

Through our unique Insta-Dry Technology and extreme amounts of absorbent material
in our core, your floors are protected against drips, leaks, runoff and tracking.

Great for…

Potty training puppies/housebreaking
Older dogs that can’t/won’t go outside
Winter months or inclement weather
Sick or injured pets
Female pets that are in heat
Incontinent dogs and cats
Night time leakage
Pets that live in condos and apartments
Kennel liners

FREE Shipping & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you don’t love it, we’ll make it right by exchanging or refunding your purchase. You’ve
got our word on it.

You’ve got nothing to lose except a big ‘ole mess. Scroll up, click add to cart and end
the frustration of sub-standard pee pee pads.

Product Features

  • 50 Pack of Max Absorbent 23.6″ x 23.6″ (60cm x 60cm) Training Pads – Larger and thicker than most other “regular” sized wee wee pads to prevent running and tracking.
  • Extreme protection (thanks to more adsorption material than average dog pee pads) means messes are locked into gel form in less than 1 minute. It can’t run or leak through. Holds an amazing 3+ cups of liquid. (Go ahead… test it!)
  • The top layer uses Insta-Dry Technology to prevent spreading or tracking throughout your house.
  • No-drip core lets you simply roll the puppy pad up and toss it without having to mop your floor. (Exactly what you’re trying to prevent, right?)
  • Superior Quality. Lower Price. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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20 Small Replacement Squeakers, 1 1/4″ in diameter, by Downtown Pet Supply

20 Small Replacement squeakers, each squeaker is 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Perfect for crafts, making dog or baby toys. Excellent squeakers to repair old dog toys, children’s toys, teddy bears, etc. These offer a nice loud squeak. These are professional packaged with the Downtown Pet Supply Trademarked Logo on each package.

Product Features

  • 20 small replacement squeakers, 1 1/4″ in diameter
  • Professionally packaged with the downtown pet supply logo
  • Make dog toys, teddy bears, kids toys
  • Repair old dog toys, teddy bears or kids toys
  • Brand: downtown pet Supply

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Introductory Offer 25% Off! – Yak Snak Dog Chews – Medium to Large 2 Pack – Hard Cheese Snack Chew for Your Dog or Puppy Made from Yak Milk That originated in the Himalayan Mountain Range (Home of the Yeti) – 100% All Natural – No Preservatives – Healthy – Gluten Free – Grain Free – Lactose Free – Low Fat – Lab Tested – Great Alternative For Rawhides, Toys, Treats, Antlers and Bones – All Size Dogs and Puppies from Small to Large – JimHodgesDogTraining Brand – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Are You Looking For A Dog Chew That Is Natural, Great Tasting, Completely Edible and Lasts Longer Than A Bully Stick?? Your Search Is Over!

The Yak Snak Is All Of That and More!

– 100% Natural. No Preservatives. Gluten Free. Grain Free. Lactose Free. Low Fat. All of the Things You Look for When Trying to Maintain a Healthy Dog Lifestyle.

The Yak Snak is a Hard Cheese Baked Chew Derived from Yak and Cow Milk that Has Been Eaten for Centuries By the People of Nepal. Milked and Made by Hand By Local Farmers. Shipped to the USA. Processed and Tested For Strict Quality Control so That You and Your Pup Can Have A Great Tasting, Longer Lasting Chew Snack That Is Made Ethically and Environmentally Friendly

Please Read On For A Few More Reasons Why You Should Give The Yak Snak A Try.

– There Are Many Great Uses For Our Yak Snak. Use as a Training Reward, an Attention Getter, a Breather For When You Need A Few Minutes To Yourself. Heck, Just Give Your Dog One Because You Love Him or Her!

– Not Only is it Healthy and Great Tasting … It Doesn’t Stain or Smell Offensive and It Leaves Virtually No Mess.

– Your Dog Gets To Exercise His Natural Chewing Behavior on a 100 %Natural, Completely Consumable Chew Snack – No Plastic, No Rubber or Vinyl Product Here.

There is No Risk with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Look Around on Amazon. Check Out Our Many Reviews and Try The Yak Snak Today.

You are in Good Hands with JimHodgesDogTraining. Dogs are Our Life. And, We Care About Your Dog’s Life Too. If Your Dog Isn’t Happy, We Aren’t Happy!

P.S. The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner. Buy Confidently For Your Dog and The Other Dogs In Your Life. Your Dogs Will Be Glad You Did! Thank you.

Product Features

  • Medium 2 Pack for Small to Medium Dogs – 100% All Natural Hard Cheese Chew Snack for Dogs. It is made From Yak and Cow Milk with a little Salt and Lime Juice. It Contains No Preservatives. Is Gluten Free and Grain Free. Lactose Free. Low Fat.
  • Yak Snaks are 100% consumable. Unlike bones, antlers and other chew toys, you can take the small pieces leftover away from your dog and pop them in the Microwave. They can then be cooled and fed as a treat. Note: Never allow your dog to chew anything down into a small enough piece that they can choke or create an obstruction if swallowed.
  • This is a fantastic way to allow your Dog to Satisfy his Chewing Instincts and get any possible Dental Benefits (such as keeping teeth clean and removing tartar) compared to Plastics, Manmade Items and Rawhides …. not to mention it can keep Dogs away From Your Prized Possessions!
  • These are relatively Hard Long Lasting Dog Chews compared to Normal Treats and Bully Sticks. They can last from Minutes to Hours depending on the Dog. Moderate to Heavy Chewers Can Devour Them Quickly if Left Unattended. This Should be a Supervised Dog Treat to Get The Biggest Benefit. In fact, the first few Chewing Sessions should be limited to 10-20 minutes to allow your Dog to get accustomed to it … much like when you switch to a new Dog Food.
  • Ethically Made in Nepal. Processed and Tested in the USA. The Yak Snak is Environmentally Friendly Which Is Always Good For Our World. For Centuries, the Farmers and the Local People from Nepal and the Himalyan Mountains Have Made This Cheese Snack from Yak and Cow Milk for Their Own Consumption. Of Course, Just Like Dog Owners Here, The Nepalese Fed or “Dropped” Pieces and Their Dogs Scooped Them up … And, this is how the Dog Chew Treat from the Himalayan Mountains was Born!

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