PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer – The Indoor Restroom for Pets 20 x 25

This mat and tray system gives dogs a place to relieve themselves when they can’t go outside! The ingenious mat is made of an antimicrobial and odor resistant artificial turf that gives off an organic scent, attracting dogs so they can be taught quickly that it is an acceptable spot for relief. The mat sits on top of a plastic insert which allows liquid to drain into the included tray for easy clean up! Features include: – Three layer system – Non-Toxic Odor Resistant Synthetic Grass Mat – Plastic insert which allows the liquid to drain – Durable collection tray – Perfect for patios and indoor use – So easy to clean, just rinse with soapy water – Great when your pet can’t go outside – Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 1.25 inches – Comes in a brown box

Product Features

  • Three layer system, Non-Toxic Odor Resistant Synthetic Grass Mat
  • Plastic insert which allows the liquid to drain, Durable collection tray
  • Perfect for patios and indoor use, So easy to clean, just rinse with soapy water
  • Great when your pet can’t go outside
  • Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 1.25 Inch

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Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy Playset

Hi! I’m Snuggles, your Dream Puppy! I move and feel just like a real puppy. Hold me in your arms and give me a hug. You wont be able to resist my big blue expressive eyes. Feed me with my bottle and I’ll fall asleep in your arms and dream about you! Feel her snuggle into your arms as you pick her up! She looks and moves so real. Make her your own and give her a home.

Product Features

  • I’m looking for someone just like you to be my best friend. I even come with an adoption certificate for you to fill in make me your own!
  • You’ll fall in love with Snuggles as soon as she opens her expressive eyes.
  • Snuggles face moves and they even breathe, just like a real animal.

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#1 BEST large 32oz bottle Dog Liquid GLUCOSAMINE arthritis pain relief for dogs with Chondroitin Hyaluronic acid and MSM Extra Strong Hip and Joint Pain relief Supplement 90 Day NO PROBLEM Guarantee.

Is you beloved dog getting older and less mobile ?

Now is the time to do something about it. Give your dog renewed bounce with our liquid Glucosamine for Dogs hip and joint supplement. This natural supplement contains three special ingredients which can help relieve symptoms of dysplasia joint disease particularly for older senior dogs

Glucosamine – a natural substance that has been successful in addressing joint and arthritis problems often found in a senior dog

Chondroitin – another natural substance found in the body, slows down the breakdown of cartilage in dog hip and joints

MSM – a great, natural source of sulphur which is believed to be effective against arthritis pain and helps with hip dysplasia arthritis and joint mobility

Avoid inferior products – Tippy Toes Pet Boutiques supplements combine glucosamine with Chondrition and MSM into one easy to administer medication that your pooch will wolf down when mixed in his or her food

As your pet ages, they need more than just great food, just as in their human owners, we believe its vital to give your dog excellent quality hip joint maintenance and support care with the supplements contained in our Joint Supplement for dogs

Most dogs will develop joint mobility issues of some kind during their lives. Glucosamine for Dogs can also be used for younger dogs as a preventative to future joint problems. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are an easily absorbed natural substance that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans, to help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and tissues. Liquid supplements are shown to absorb more quickly and efficiently than tablets Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now While Supplies Still Last!

Product Features

  • Looking for the BEST Liquid arthritis supplements to put in food for dogs ? Here is our PREMIER sized 32oz GLUCOSAMINE HIP and JOINT Liquid canine SUPPLEMENT with MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate. Simply mix in with regular food for a NATURAL, HEALTHY way to help hip arthritis dysplasia and support and repair joints and cartilage. Really great HELP for OLDER dogs.
  • Many of our repeat customer think this is The BEST Glucosamine HIP AND JOINT SUPPLEMENT to help ALL DOG SIZES simply follow the bottle dosage directions for correct quantity for large or small dogs to improve your dogs joint health
  • PROUDLY MADE in the USA our extra strong Liquid Glucosamine Chondroitin arthritis medicine for dogs with essential vitamins that your dog will LOVE. We are so confident you will see an improvement in your dogs agility and movement that we offer a 100%, no problem guarantee
  • GOT AN OLDER DOG with hip dysplasia arthritis and joint problems then you really NEED our GLUCOSAMINE for dogs hip and joint supplement. PLEASE don’t watch your canine friend suffer with bad hips and joints in older life. ORDER TODAY FOR 100% risk free happy dogs. Even if you return the bottle EMPTY, your purchase is 100 % risk free. We are a family owned pet business, we love our our pets just as you do and we promise to return your money if you and your dog are not TOTALLY happy

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Best Probiotics for Cats and Dogs + Hip and Joint Supplement – 2+ MONTHS SUPPLY – 30 Billion CFUs – Relief Diarrhea, Constipation, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Skin Allergies, Cramping, Gas, Itching.

Do We Care About Quality Ingredients?

Pet Friends For Life™ focus on results to provide the best quality, best researched, and most potent formulas at competitive prices, while providing excellent and personal customer care.
Pet Friends For Life™ products are Manufactured in a GMP Certified and FDA inspected facility in the USA.

What Makes Pet Friends For Life™ So Unique?

We pride ourselves on using only the best and purest ingredients in our manufacturing processes. Our unique blend of ProHip-30 is packed with 74 Natural Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Prebiotics as well as 6 of the Best Probiotic Strains containing 30 Billion CFUs per bag!
Unlike other brands, Pet Friends For Life™ know how important it is to have Prebiotics added to Probiotics. Prebiotics serve as a binder that improves survival rates of Probiotics on their way to the gut, resulting in higher nutritional absorption. We have therefore included a Premium Quality Inulin Prebiotic that will enhance the body to absorb more Probiotics (good bacteria).

ProHip-30 is 100% Natural, Contain No Fillers, No Binders & No artificial Flavors

Many of our competitors try to cut cost by adding fillers and binders such as: soy, rice, bran, flour, oats, and artificial flavors (beef, chicken, turkey). This may even result to further complication in the digestive system….
ProHip-30’s uniquely blended powder is Odorless & Tasteless to dogs and cats, so sprinkle over wet or dry food, mix in and your pet will Get & Stay Healthy Naturally!

6oz Powder = average 145 scoops, lasting 2 – 4 months (free scoop included).

Pet Friends For Life™ are so confident in their products that you are backed by our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! What we can’t guarantee is the Special Pricing on offer at the moment.

Product Features

  • BEST QUALITY & BEST RESEARCHED! ProHip-30 is Packed with 74 Natural Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Prebiotic, and 6 Pet Specific Probiotic Strains with 30 Billion CFUs! Our unique combination of Probiotics + Hip & Joint will provide important nutrition for your pet to GET & STAY HEALTHY NATURALLY. Manufactured in a GMP Certified and FDA inspected facility in the USA! We are so confident in our ProHip-30 that you are backed by our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, BINDERS OR FILLERS! Competitors try to cut cost by adding “Other Ingredients” to inexpensively bind, fill, and lubricate their product. Common “Other Ingredients” are soy, rice flour, yeast, oats, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, starch, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, simethicone and veg gum. These are generally NOT in the product to benefit health and have little or no nutritive value. Our ProHip-30 is 100% Natural & Best Value For Money!
  • 30 BILLION CFUs & 6 PROBIOTIC STRAINS to promote healthy intestinal elimination, regularity & consistency that will target important areas in the gut. Enhances relief from diarrhea, constipation, cramping, gas & itching. + Prebiotics serve as a binder that improves survival rates of Probiotics on their way to the gut, resulting in higher nutritional absorption. Big brands such as Purina Fortiflora, VetriScience, Nutramax Cosequin & Dasuquin, Zymox, Grizzly Salmon Oil have lower CFUs & Strains!
  • ADVANCED FORMULA OF HIP & JOINT SUPPORT promotes Joint Comfort and Flexibility. GLUCOSAMINE: Gives shape, elasticity and rigidity to connective tissue, a key nutrient for the support and repair of injured or stressed joints. CHONDROITIN: Work as a lubricating cushion between bones, reducing friction and protecting the joint from decay. MSM: An organic source of sulfur that aids in joint comfort. Your Pet will LOVE YOU for this All-In-One 100% NATURAL Blend of ProHip-30 by Pet Friends For Life!
  • ORGANIC CORAL CALCIUM & HAND PICKED HAWAIIAN KONA BERRIES: Organic Coral Calcium source of 74 Natural Trace Minerals will increase bone, joint and teeth density plus boost strength, vitality and Ph levels. Hawaiian Kona Berry is a Super Antioxidant packed with Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, Niacin. Iron, Potassium & Magnesium. Kona Berry has 5 times the capacity of antioxidants to fight free radicals compared to Acai, Pomegranate & Cranberries. The Purest & Healthiest “Other Ingredients” Guaranteed!

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All-Natural Joint & Hip Supplement for Dogs & Cats | Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Caco3 with 74 Minerals, Kona Berry | Pain Relief For Your Pets Joints and Hips | Made At USA FDA Inspected Facility

Is Your Four Legged Companion not as Frisky as they use to be?  Do they look like they are in pain or limping when they move around?
Give Your Pet back the spring in their step and watch their move around with renewed vigor and health. Prolong your dog or cats happy years with the Complete Joint Health.
Formulated for maximum hip, joint and arthritis pain relief!  You are getting more than just a glucosamine supplement!
Our Advanced formula includes;

Glucosamine Shell Fish, Joint Support, Adds Lubrication to joints
MSM & Chondrotin Bovine Sulfate, Joint Support, Binds Glucosamine to Chondrotin Powdered rebuilding cartilage.
• Organic Above Sea Coral (Caco3), 74 Natural Minerals A – Z Pharmaceutical Grade Increases Bone, Teeth, Hip, Joint Density, raises ph levels, Boost energy, packed with minerals most pets lack, calms nervous pets
Kona Berry from Hawaii, A SUPERFOOD, free radical prevention and inflammation prevention. Packed with vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, Niacin, Iron, Protein, Potassium, Magnesium , Hand picked for optimal health benefits.

100% All Natural. 100% Pet Invisible. No chasing, No smell, No choking, No nasty flavor, No angry owners Stir & mix in with food, serve, done! No pills, tablets, no pill pockets, no issues!
Made in the USA in a GMP compliant facility for the best quality. Our #1 priority is to make sure your furry friend are happy!

GR8 Pitkin’s TOP priority is to make sure you and your furry best friend are completely happy and healthy! Try it now and save yourself the stress of worrying about your dog health PLUS spend less money than you would at the vet. EMPTY JAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – You will get your best friend more active or you get a refund!
Click “Add to Cart” button above and see how much better your dog will feel

Product Features

  • GIVE YOUR PET RELIEF FROM PAINFUL HIP AND JOINT PAIN – Each Dose (1/4 teaspoon) is loaded with Natural and Organic Ingredients that lubricates the joints of your Beloved Pet to make them feel young again. GR8 Pitkin Complete Joint Health reliefs pain from Hip and Joint problems with daily usage. Made At a USA FDA Inspected Facilities GMP Standards & Practices
  • HEALTHY AND PAIN FREE HIPS AND JOINTS are critical to your dog or cats wellbeing and continuing to enjoy their life to the fullest. Joint problems can have a huge impact on your dog’s physical and mental well-being, causing pain and distress. Don’t let your best friend suffer joint pain when you can help your dog or cat not to suffer from Hip or joint pain or even arthritis pain relief for dogs and cats. glucosamine chondroitin for dogs is proven to provide relief
  • PREVENT INVASIVE PROCEDURES AND PAINFUL INJECTIONS: Complete Joint Health will help your dog or cat repair cartilage and improves joint function help reduce inflammation to increase comfort and mobility for dogs with hip dysplasia., saving your dog the pain and recovery time of hip and joint cartilage injuries and avoid invasive surgeries. Avoid the costly shots for Glucosamine given by Vets at time of injury by give your pet just a small dose daily with their food.
  • NOT JUST FOR OLDER DOGS OR CATS. GR Pitkin Complete Joint Health helps younger pets recover faster from hard play or activity which can cause you dog to limp by helping to protect the joints or hips. Pain free pets are happier pets and will increase longevity of their time with you. YOUR DOG OR CAT WILL ACT LIKE THEIR OLD SELF AGAIN. Give your dogs arthritis relief, made for canine and feline alike.
  • 100% SAFE NATURAL FORMULA for joint pain and ARTHRITIS pain relief. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to rebuild cartilage and provide anti-inflammatory pain relief. Our advanced formula includes Kona Berry, A SUPERFOOD, for free radical and inflammation prevention. Packed with vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, Niacin, Iron, Protein, Potassium, Magnesium , Hand picked for optimal health. Organic Caco3 containing 74 natural minerals pets are missing and helps boost natural strength, vitality,and ph levels

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DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer, Urban Red

Let your precious pooch ride in style in the luxurious Novel dog bike trailer. This bike trailer includes many upgrades to allow your dog to ride in greater comfort and in style. The Novel has the following upgraded features: frame made of aluminum alloy rather than steel making the trailer weigh 30-Poundwhich is 8-Pound lighter than the Original trailer, stainless steel spokes and hubs, quick release wheels, front padded headrest for your dog, reflective striping for added visibility, back pouch with water bottle holder pocket, zip-on side window rain screens to help protect your dog from the elements. Interior cabin dimensions are: 31.5-Inch L x 21-InchW x 25.5-Inch H and maximum recommended loading capacity is 110-Pound This trailer easily converts to a stroller, with optional kit, or can make a great camping companion when adding the cargo roof rack to transport additional items amd your dog can use the trailer as a crate in which to sleep once daily adventures are done. This product meets or exceed ASTM standards.

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Bike with nothing but the best trailer for your dog

Ride in Luxury And in Style

Imagine yourself cruising up and down the streets, wind whipping through your hair, and your faithful pal is soaking up the sun and adventure!

From adventure dog to zen dog, any dog can be a DoggyRide dog. Just because a dog is large, small, ill or injured is no reason for it not to be able to continue to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the adventurous outdoors with you.

The DoggyRide Novel bike trailer is the top of the line, luxury dog trailer for a dog that must have nothing but the best. Its roomy cabin size of 31.5″ L x 21″ W x 25.5″ H makes this suitable for larger dog breeds such Samoyed, Labrador retrievers, border collies, shorter in length golden retrievers, or, multiple small dogs.The Novel is a luxurious, multi-faceted and multi-functional solution for enjoying the outdoors together with your dog.

Take your dog to work day

Staying true to its adaptable nature, the Novel bike trailer can be converted to a stroller or jogger-stroller with optional conversion kits. To make for a complete outdoors experience, accessory pieces can include a cargo roof rack for camping or public market adventures, a rain cover for rainy day rides, a kickstand which can add stability and act as a brake – especially when a larger dog weighing 60 lbs or more enters or exits, or a luxury pet mat to make for a cushioned and comfortable ride. When you’re done adventuring for the day, the cabin can be folded and stored in its storage bag. Considering all of these options, this bike trailer is made to last a lifetime.

Cabin used as crate while camping

To let your dog enjoy a multitude of riding options, the upper roof can be unzipped so that your dog can stick its head out of its own personal sunroof, or the entire front panel can be unzipped and rolled away to give you dog a wide open view of the adventure ahead. Leisurely dogs can even rest their heads on the padded headrest at the front opening.

Happy trails

Many people say, “My dog needs exercise, why should I buy him a bike trailer to sit in?”

Our answer to this is that yes, dogs certainly do need to get proper, regular exercise, just like their human caretakers. One safe way for a dog to be able to run alongside its bicycling owner is via the use of the Buddy hands free dog leash connector, which is a safe and simple way to connect one’s dog to a bike. But, at the point when you still want to continue your bike ride, but your dog is ready for a rest, your dog can hop into its DoggyRide dog bike trailer and continue to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful views and adventure while relaxing in comfort and style while you continue your own outdoor adventures.

Having a bike trailer available for your dog expands the horizons of opportunity for both of you, to be able to go out on longer and more interesting bike rides.

Additionally, as your dogs ages into its senior years, this trailer can easily convert to a dog stroller (with optional kit) so that no matter the age or physical condition of your dog, you will still be able to enjoy the outdoors, together.

Happy senior years

Why DoggyRide? DoggyRide bike trailers are designed with the comfort and satisfaction of the dog and owner in mind. DoggyRide is a company that is proud of the fact that it listens to its consumers and continues to innovate, be inspired and improve its products. The products are made of high-quality materials and components, to keep your dog safe and healthy. These bike trailers are meticulously engineered in a manner that will best serve user needs. These concepts include having a lightweight frame for easier towing, centrally placed towbar for improved balance and stability, multi-functional window screens, convertibility, eye-catching design, and more.

Assembly: This bike trailer will arrive to you mostly pre-assembled. Upon receiving it, simply remove it from the box, fold up both side walls, move the interior cross bar arm, which is located along the roof, into place and lock the crossbar with the included silver detent pin.

Now all that is left is attaching the wheels. The side wheels are quick release wheels which will attach or release by simply pushing the center axle button and either pushing on to attach or pulling off to remove. Finally the the tow bar arm is attached at the front by first removing the front locking pin, inserting the towbar into the front reception tube, then passing the locking screw through the bottom set of holes, repositioning the nut on the opposite side, then finally flipping the silver lever back to secure the locking pin into place.

The small black bike hitch at the opposite end of the towbar should be removed in order to be installed on the bike axle (or hitch adapter, if using the trailer with special bikes such as those with breezer dropout, internal hub gear, recumbent bikes, or others). Then the towbar arm can be reconnected to the bike hitch.

Ready to use the trailer for another purpose, this time at home? The trailer easily converts to a crate for long car rides or home use by removing the wheels.

The overall product width of 30.7″ is wide enough to be roomy for your dog(s) but still narrow enough to fit through most standard doorways.

Upgraded features include the following:

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame allows for easier towing
  • Padded headrest for your dog at the front opening
  • Large rear pouch and water bottle pocket
  • Stainless steel spokes and hubs
  • Reflective striping on front and sides
  • Removable rain screens for side windows
  • Quick release wheels
  • Side supports keep your dog from leaning into rotating wheels

Folds easily
  • Color: Urban Red/Black, Outdoors Green/Grey
  • Dog size: maximum 26 in/65 cm shoulder height
  • Loading capacity: 110 lbs/45 kgs
  • Overall product weight: 30 lbs
  • Dimensions when folded flat: 31.5″ L x 21″ W x 4″ H
  • Tire size: 20″ quick release wheels
  • This product meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards
  • This trailer includes a safety flag and reflectors for added visibility and safety

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • Stainless steel spokes and hubs
  • Quick release wheels
  • Padded front headrest and additional front reflective striping
  • Large rear pouch with water bottle pocket

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Bamboo Fiber Bread Box Bin with Cutting Board Lid (Natural White)

This gorgeous bread box will add style to your kitchen. Whatever style you are trying to achieve, it will work seamlessly in any modern, contemporary or vintage setting. Aside from it’s good looks, this bread bin holds your bread, bagels, snack bars and more in an organized manner to keep your kitchen clutter free.

The bread box is made out of a very unique material called bamboo fiber which is eco friendly, durable and light weight. The material feels like a very hard plastic or melamine, but is completely environmentally friendly. In addition to an attractive base, this breadbin features a bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board with grooved crumb catchers to keep your countertops clean as you cut.

Elegant to use in your kitchen, or use as a unique container to take out on a picnic.

This high quality and unique bread bin also makes the perfect gift. ADD TO YOUR CART NOW to enjoy.

Product Features

  • Bread case made out of a unique material called BAMBOO FIBER which is hard, durable, light weight and eco friendly
  • The bamboo lid doubles as a CUTTING BOARD to save counter space
  • MEASURES 15 3/4 x 9 x 5″ with the lid on. Base for storage is 15x8x4″. Big enough to store bread, bagels, buns hot dogs and more – small enough to save counter space
  • Color is NATURAL WHITE. This is an off-white tone to compliment any color scheme you have in your kitchen
  • SNUG lid keeps your bread fresh

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Elfina Hair Straightener Straightening Brush Electirc Detangling Styling Comb with 6 Temperature Settings

Hair designer at home:
Do you envy the sleek and shiny hair you see on the red carpet? Are you tired of paying a fortune at the hair salon? If this is you, you could use the Elfina Hair Straightener. This magic styling tool can be used as an electric comb or a detangling brush to run through curly or knotted hair. It’s perfect for creating straight hair and it doubles as a curling iron or curling wand. Simply read the manual and get to work! Use this ceramic straightening iron to get straight hair in minutes. You don’t need an expensive hairdresser to be your natural, beautiful self.

• Tourmaline interlayer design
• Anion hair care
• Automatic power off
• 30-second heat up time
• 6 different temperature settings
• Suitable for all hair lengths and types
• 360-degree, tangle-free cord (2 metres)

What’s in the box?
• 1 Elfina Hair Straightener
• 1 User Manual

Product Features

  • This hair straightening brush has an advanced tourmaline interlayer design that is manufactured to heat evenly, protect your hair and keep it healthy by releasing anion, leaving you with the professional hairstyle you’ve been longing for.
  • You can adjust it using 6 different temperature settings depending on your hair type and what hairstyle you’d like to create. The highest temperature mode is best for thick or curly hair, while the lowest temperature is more suitable for soft and thin hair.
  • After sitting idle for 20 minutes, the straightening iron will automatically turn off for safety and power-saving purposes.There is a fast, 30-second heat up time.
  • The 360-degree, tangle-free cord reduces the risk of the cord breaking off and exposing hazardous wires, while the 2 metres of length gives you the mobility to move around while styling your hair.
  • You can take this straightener anywhere! It’s a portable hair brush; light and easy to use. Its slim, sleek design is convenient when you’re on-the-go or travelling on holiday. It’s easy to use and saves you money by being able to get that celebrity look right in your own home.

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Puppy Training: 20 Fast And Easy To Implement Training Strategies For Bringing Out Your Puppy’s Full Potential (Puppy Training, Dog Training, Housebreaking, … Obedience training, Potty Training)

Are you tired of dealing with a Disobedient Puppy?

Don’t have the time, money or energy to seek out professional training? Have you tried every method found from a simple google search on the topic and nothing seems to be working? FEAR NOT, for the quickest and easiest methods for getting that Puppy in Shape and On Point are right here.

You’re about to Learn:

How to train your puppy so that good behavior comes easily and naturally

Proven potty training techniques

How to make sure your pup ALWAYS obeys you

Techniques for helping your puppy socialize better

How to teach your puppy tricks

The simplest and most effective way of bringing out your puppy’s full potential

And much much More…

There are only a few tried and true methods for bringing out your Puppy’s full potential… Buy now and begin the training process today!

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2PET Folding Soft Dog Crate for indoor, travel, training for pets up to 15 lbs Small 20 Inches Red

The 2pet Fold-A-Crate it’s an easy to assemble, use, carry, storage and clean foldable pet crate. It’s just the crate you need to provide fast, secure and easy travel for your pet. It has the convenience of a hard crate with the portability of a foldable one. With this crate you can take your pet to the veterinarian, park, relatives, groomer, and vacation or even it can be used to house break your little puppy!. It’s perfect for short periods of time or long periods at home, providing a safe and comfy space for your pet to be. It’s portable, sturdy, light, ventilated and has a great design. The 2pet Fold-A-Crate Deluxe has 2 door top and front to provide easy access to the pet or to give him treats. It has mesh windows that provide adequate ventilation and is made with Oxford 600D Fabric, which is a resilient nylon material. All is hold by a strong internal steel tube frame with an easy push button folding mechanism, taking little space after folded. It also comes with an interior waterproof mat and fleece pad which are both comfortable and easy to clean. PLEASE IT IS IMPORTANT that you measure your pet correctly so he or she will fit perfectly in the crate, according to the graphic on how to measure him or her, add 6 more inches. Cleaning: To clean up any pet waste, wipe down the material with a stain and odor remover then allow it to air dry. For more extensive cleaning just remove the fully washable cover from the steel frame and throw it in the washing machine. We recommend cold water, then allow it to air dry. Safety tips We at 2pet are grateful that you choose our product and we are a company dedicated to the customer satisfaction that is why we must warn you, if your dog chews, digs or tends to rip fabrics he could well destroy this crate. The mesh is thick, but we recommend a wire crate instead. Never ever leave your pet unattended in a car or for long periods of time.

Product Features

  • WARRANTY: Our products are covered with a 1 Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
  • COMPLETE KENNEL SOLUTION: Our kennels come with Interior waterproof mat and fleece cushion pad, top handle for easy transport when folded. Portable, sturdy oxford 600d fabric, lightweight, ventilated mesh windows, sturdy steel frame and beautiful bone window design.
  • IDEAL USES: Use the kennel as an indoor house, outdoor, on RV or car trips, travel pet crate, for training, for dogs, cats, and other small pets. Easy to fold and easy to wash.
  • CHOOSE YOURS: 2Pet Fold-a-Crates are available in 4 sizes and 3 different colors.
  • MEASURE IS IMPORTANT: Correctly measure your pet so it could fit comfortably in the crate.

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