The Donkey Companion: Selecting, Training, Breeding, Enjoying & Caring for Donkeys

Friendly, dependable, intelligent, and easy to care for, donkeys are increasingly prized by small-scale farmers, horse lovers, and animal enthusiasts. Already, there are hundreds of thousands of donkeys and mules in the U.S., and their population is growing steadily. Donkeys not only pull carts, carry riders, and tote gear for hikers, but they also make terrific stable companions and livestock guardians, and they are renowned for their skills in transport, raising water, milling, and farm tillage. They’re also gentle with children and the elderly, making them a popular therapy animal and family pet.

Readers will come to understand this versatile animal, and through understanding will become skilled, satisfied owners. The Donkey Companion offers detailed information about different breeds and types; provides tips for finding and selecting the right animal; explains donkeys’ daily care and health requirements; and guides readers through the nuances of training, riding, driving, and breeding. The book is enhanced with fun facts, training tips, quotes, photographs, illustrations, and additional resources. From foaling to first aid, and from grooming to professional showing, this extensive guide offers everything a donkey owner needs to get the most out of this gentle, hardworking animal.

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3 thoughts on “The Donkey Companion: Selecting, Training, Breeding, Enjoying & Caring for Donkeys”

  1. A Really good donkey book!!! Having gotten my 1st donkey in 2/08 needing a companion for my horse who lost her best friend I wanted as much info on these guys as I could find. Previously bought 2 other books and a training DVD, both were OK so far but this book has given me alot of insights that I did not know about. As a matter of fact, since getting the first donkey in 2/08 we now have a new mom which foaled in 8/08. This book I would highly recommend to new donkey people as well as experienced. I happened to have on hand frosted mini wheats which were suggested as a training treat and they LOVE them! Never would have thought of it. Glad I bought this book, will be referring to time and again.

  2. Treasure Trove of Info Despite being an equine cousin, donkeys are a lot different than horses than people think. Being a lifelong horse lover and owner, I recently have gotten involved with donkeys and needed something to help me get more into that world. This book is wonderful. A lot of stuff I have found was geared more towards beginners of horses and donkeys. This book is geared for the knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable. It gives info from history, breeds, feeding, training, businesses with them, foot care (or lack of), facts, trivia and so much more. Very up to date. It even has information for breed registries, breeders, and more in the back of the book. Very concise and easy to read. Absolutely love it!

  3. Essential Reference This new title by Sue Weaver is an essential reference for anyone interested in caring for a donkey. There are a tremendous number of book on horse care but almost none on the unique needs of donkeys. I am especially pleased to recommend this book to anyone considering the use of a donkey for a livestock guardian.Jan DohnerLivestock Guardians, Storey, 2008 The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds,Yale, 2002

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