ThunderEase Calming Anti Anxiety Pheromone Spray for Dogs, 60 mL

When new pups are born, their mother naturally emits pheromones that give the puppies a sense of security and comfort. These pheromones help dogs bond to each other and their mom. ThunderEase replicates these pheromones for a drug-free, vet-recommended, calming solution that puts an end to unwanted behaviors like destructive chewing and problem barking.

ThunderEase is effective in treating:

– Fear of loud noises like thunder and fireworks.

– Uneasiness in a new home or environment.

– Stress when socializing or during training.

– Problem barking.

– Destructive chewing.

– House-soiling (or “uh-ohs” as we like to call them).

– Travel anxiety such as shaking, vomiting, panting, agitation, and salivation.

– Stress when visiting the vet.

– Anxiety when boarding or kenneling.

– Stress caused by changes in the environment like new furniture or remodeling.

Product Features

  • Introducing a new dog calming pheromone spray from the makers of ThunderShirt, the most trusted brand in pet anxiety products.
  • Help your pup feel safe and calm at home or on the go: ThunderEase is great for stopping problem barking, destructive chewing, trembling, fear of loud noises, separation anxiety, and many other “not-so-fun” symptoms – even at the vet!
  • All-natural, drug-free: ThunderEase helps your dog feel calm and comfortable by mimicking a mother’s natural nursing pheromones, totally drug-free.
  • Clinically proven and vet recommended: Tested to be over 90% effective for reducing anxiety and unwanted behavior to help your dog feel safer and less-stressed.
  • Easy to use: Spray on the inside of your car or directly on collars, leashes, blankets, and bandanas 15 minutes before travel. Reapply every 4-5 hours as needed for maximum calming benefits.

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