Training Mules and Donkeys : A Logical Approach to Longears

Considered the first COMPLETE book on training mules, this is a ‘no-resistance’ training manual covering simple psychology and training techniques to help the trainer have a more enjoyable and rewarding experience with their longears. This book gives a condensed but thorough outline of the information and training covered in the DVD training series Training Mules and Donkeys. Color and B&W photos with illustrations and diagrams.

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2 thoughts on “Training Mules and Donkeys : A Logical Approach to Longears”

  1. Learn to communicate more effectively with your mule. Mules are not horses, in spite of their similar appearance. Training methods used on horses are often not effective on mules. For those equestrians who prefer mules or donkeys as their mounts, this is a teriffic book to help them improve their communication with their animals. Meredith Hodges’ credibility comes from her success in training and breeding performance mules and donkeys. She is also a regular contributor of training articles to various mule and donkey publications.Interested equestrians can find an almost unlimited supply of books on riding and training horses, but there is a real shortage of books on the riding and training of mules. Prior to the publication of this book, Paul and Betsy Hutchins books on mules and donkeys were probably the best books available to readers looking for expert advice on working with their long-eared equines. Although the Hutchins’ books are still superb, it is great to have another viewpoint to read on the subject of mules and donkeys.Videos and training cards have recently been published to accompany the book. I have not seen these personally, but have heard that they are excellent.Mule and donkey lovers definitely need to own this one!

  2. A must have for mule owners and breeders This is one good training book. Lots of good information because mules are different from horses. I’ve used this book over and over especially good for people new to mule ownership or those who are breeding mules from their favorite mares. I wish I had read it before my mule was born it might have saved me from making some mistakes. Easy to read and full of good training tips.

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