Ty Sniffs – Pig

Sniffs the 8″pink pig is as happy as can be from the tip of his snout to his curly tail. Each Beanie Babies 2.0 comes with an individual scratch-off secret code that enables the collector to unlock a new virtual world that was built just for these special Beanies.
Product Description
With a nose as big as mine
You’d be surprised at what I find
I’ll sniff out food and flowers, too
I’ll even sniff out friends like you !

Product Features

  • Comes with an individual scratch-off secret code that unlocks the Beanies virtual world
  • 8″ pink pig
  • Measures 8″ long

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3 thoughts on “Ty Sniffs – Pig”

  1. Not size was expecting, but good otherwise There’s a discrepancy in the size that I did not notice. Under product dimensions it says: 18x10x3. This is the part that I saw. However, under Product Features it says “8 inch pink pig,” and “measures 8 inches long.” This part I did not see. I was expecting a much larger stuffed animal and was very disappointed when I received this tiny one. Basically, this is just one of those Beanie Baby stuffed animals. I took out a tape measure and the actual dimensions are more like 7x3x4. Just make sure you realize it’s NOT 18×10 before you order. Otherwise, for a Beanie Baby it’s very good and very cute.

  2. Amazon’s Precious Little Piggy!! A friend of mine had a tiny little pig that died. She and her family were naturally devastated. I looked on Amazon.com for a pig for her and found this totally adorable pig, that she and her family ALL Adore!! I almost got one for myself, since it is so cute!! : )12/21/10

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