Wanted Alarm Clock Animal Sound, Horse

Alarm clock has a photo of a horse and plays neighing sounds when the alarm sounds off. Measures 7 by 3-Inch.

Product Features

  • Silver alarm clock
  • Makes neighing sounds when alarm goes off
  • Image of horse on clock face
  • Measures 7 by 3-Inch
  • 2 AA test batteries included

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3 thoughts on “Wanted Alarm Clock Animal Sound, Horse”

  1. Made a little girl smile I purchased this for my neice for Christmas. She loved it. She smiled when she opened it. It makes the neighing sounds and galloping sounds. She is completely satisified and so are we.

  2. Great for horse lovers I got this for my 7 yr old daughter who absolutly LOVES horses. She adores this clock. It is really loud and there is no volume switch, but that’s ok. It is very easy for a child to turn off and on. Mom or Dad would probably have to set it if it is for a child. There are no directions on how to set the alarm, so if you don’t know how to set one of these you’ll have to look it up online or ask someone. It runs on regular batteries, again not a problem. It still has the original batteries I put in it, so it does not eat through them quickly. Overall this is a great clock for horse lovers.

  3. Rooster Alarm Clock I bought this for my mom. She loves roosters. I couldn’t find a wall clock with the crowing sound, but I found this one. Exactly as described! The crowing sounds like she has a real rooster in her home!!!

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