Zoo Med 20-Ounce Natural Bearded Dragon Food, Adult Formula

Your Bearded Dragons health will greatly benefit from Zoo Meds new Natural Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food and Natural Adult Bearded Dragon Food with added vitamins and minerals. Each formula has been created with your Bearded Dragons nutritional requirements in mind. The correct ratios of protein, calcium, and fiber make up these new foods; the Juvenile formula was specially formulated for growing dragons and the Adult formula for the long-term health of adult Dragons. Bearded Dragons will enjoy the flavorful Dandelion Greens and other nutritional plants that make up this new food, especially when mixed with Zoo Meds Can O Mini Crickets and Can O Mini Mealies. This new Natural Bearded Dragon food contains no artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives.

Product Features

  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • Maintenance formula for adults

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1 thought on “Zoo Med 20-Ounce Natural Bearded Dragon Food, Adult Formula”

  1. No guarantee your dragon will eat this. I try to feed our dragon gut loaded dusted crickets, but when we run out I use pellet food to keep her full. I’ve used the colorful pellets from another brand before and our dragon will eat them no problem. This stuff is a total no-go. Not wet, like the instructions say, or dry. It must not be tasteful or have a desirable appearance or smell. In fact I went back to the other stuff and she loves it.So be aware that you might end up with a can of this stuff you can’t use even if your dragon is an otherwise great eater.

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