Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand, Full Size

Use a Reptile Lamp Stand to safely suspend any of Zoo Meds Clamp Lamp fixtures or Drippers above your enclosure. The Reptile Lamp Stand is available in two sizes, both with adjustable height and length as well as power cord clips and a large base for stability.

Product Features

  • The larger stand easily adjusts from 8-15″ (20-38 cm) long and 20-38″ (50-97 cm) high to fit most standard size terrariums.
  • Safely stabilizes suspended lamps
  • Fits most standard aquariums and terrariums

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3 thoughts on “Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand, Full Size”

  1. MUST have I own a beautiful baby leopard gecko. She lives happily in a 20 gallon long tank and this little gizmo helps me regulate the tanks temperature without having to buy those fancy (and sometimes expensive) outlet rheostats. VERY easy to use clamp and slides right under the tank. Well worth the price in both quality and assurance that your little friend is getting a solid piece of equipment. I’m going to purchase two more for my baby Corn Snakes. It even has hooks to help run the lamp’s cable down against the frame of the stand, instead of letting it dangle.Pros:Solid constructionfairly decent metaladjustableeasy to usehook to help run the cablecheap pricefits perfectly!Cons:None!

  2. Very useful, with a caution This was given to me along with other equipment when I adopted some turtles. It’s very useful for positioning a heat lamp or UV bulb.It’s obviously designed for the hook-on type of lamp. However, I only had clamp-on ones. I use it with a clamp-on by putting the loop of the clamp spring over the hook, then clamping the lamp to the top bar. I also use a second small clamp to make sure the loop can’t slide off the hook.It’s easy to adjust the height, orientation and length of the top bar, so you can pretty much aim the light just where you want it. The knob for the height adjustment has come loose on mine-I suspect that in the past some strong person tightened it way too much. So I need pliers to change the height, but I don’t have to do that often and it’s not a big deal.The caution: depending on how it’s adjusted, the stand can be somewhat tipsy. Using it with a clamp lamp may make it more so, but the length of the top arm also plays a part. Maybe most people set these up so that the flat base is underneath the tank, which is probably ideal, but I have to move mine around sometimes. So I make sure to set some flat rocks or something else heavy on the base.

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