Zoo Med ReptiSun® Terrarium Hood, 20-Inch

The ReptiSun® Terrarium Hoods are low profile hoods designed to hold one T8 size linear fluorescent lamp. The ReptiSun® Terrarium Hoods feature a built-in reflector which allows for deeper penetration of visible light and UVB into your terrarium.

Product Features

  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Holds T8 18″ lamps
  • This hood fits all standard 20″ long aquariums

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3 thoughts on “Zoo Med ReptiSun® Terrarium Hood, 20-Inch”

  1. Great so far After reading some of the reviews, I was a little afraid to purchase this. Being in need of a UVB light badly, and reading about the cases of blindness in reptiles caused by compact bulbs I decided to go with a standard flourescent bulb.It arrived in a large cardboard box, tightly packed with brown paper and those huge air bag/bubble wrap things. It was packaged very securely. I put a bulb in, plugged up the hood, and flicked it on. It’s been working like a charm nonstop so far. I run it about 10 hours a day for my bearded dragon. It’s even been knocked off the tank twice by my cats and fallen about 3 foot to the floor. It still works great.

  2. I can’t speak for the 30 and 36 inch models, but as far as I’m concerned this product is faulty and unreliable. I purchased this product 8 months ago and upon its arrival it would only turn on about 50% of the time. Dissatisfied, I sent it back to Zoo Med (yea YOU PAY SHIPPING FOR THIS, no reimbursement), waited ~2 weeks and was sent an email stating that they could find nothing wrong with the product and were going to send me the same light back with the bulb I put in it and an additional bulb “in the interest of customer service”. I told them keep the extra bulb and give me a new hood, they refused. I don’t think that’s great customer service…I eventually got the hood to work on a regular basis (with the original bulb, not the new one they sent with it) and hooked it up to a timer to turn on and off. It always took 5-10 minutes before it would turn on after the timer switch signaled it to do so. After 8 months, it’s no longer functioning. I’m going to replace the starter and if that doesn’t fix the problem, this things going to the recycling bin. Look for something better, even a simple fixture and ballast at Lowe’s or Home Depot is better than this heap of junk.

  3. I purchased this product two years ago and it works like a charm. I bought a ZOOMED 10.0 UVB for my small turtles and goldfishes. I run it all day and turn it off before bed.When I installed the bulb, it didn’t work, after twisting twice more so it rocks in its working position, the light flickered and turned on.VERY SATISFIED!!

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