Zoo Med ReptiTherm® Under Tank Heater, Large

ReptiTherm® U.T.H. Under Tank Heaters are an ideal 24 hour primary or secondary heat source for tropical or temperate reptilian species. All of Zoo Meds Under Tank Heaters are UL/cUL approved (GS/TuV/CE in Europe) and contain a solid state nichrome heating element. These under tank heaters permanently adhere to your terrarium, forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer.

Product Features

  • Inexpensive, low wattage heaters
  • Excellent secondary heat source
  • Ideal for tropical or temperate reptiles

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2 thoughts on “Zoo Med ReptiTherm® Under Tank Heater, Large”

  1. Great Product for My Geckos Well if you are looking at this product you probably know what it is and have an idea of what it does… One Note is this product is not ment for any water animals (painted turtles included).I was using an alternate product to heat my tank but when I went from a 20 gallon tank to a 50 gallon tank it was way to small. This product is 10x better than that competing brand that I purchased at petsmart (for the same price) as this in quality, overall look, and options. Quality is outstanding… Very nicely finished off. On amazon I found it to be $15-20 dollars cheaper than in stores (including shipping).One major advantage of this product is that one side of the heating pad has adhesive on it to stick directly to the glass for optimum heat transfer (I really like this feature as my old pad did not have this), However this might be annoying when it comes to clean the tank. Also it is able to placed on the side of the tank to transfer heat into the enviroment rather than through the substrate. This is to protect an antique stand or dresser or if there is a table cloth on the table. The product does come with little rubber feet to place on the tank to raise it slightly so air can flow beneth.In the instructions it warns not to use with any material tank other than a glass tank. It warns not to place a water dish above mat because if water spills on the glass that it is heating it can cause a stress crack in the glass.For the bottom mount it states that the preffered substrate is Repti Cage Carpet, Repti Sand of thickness no more than 1.5″, If using a light (easily movable… newspaper, paper towels, pine shavings, moss) substrate for snakes a cage carpet is required as the glass may become exposed and then burn the snake (or other reptile that can burrow).I am not using a heat controller on this pad, I instead have a heat lamp and an normal light lamp for day light and heat and then leave the pad on 24/7 for night heat. In my tank the temp fluctuates from ~80-85 in the hot side and ~75-80 on the cool side so there was no need for a temp controller. On the back of the box it gives different temperature ranges for different animals.I myself have two leopard geckos about 12 years old and about 10″, with this new heater I noticed them out of their hides more and exploring the entire tank rather than just one half.Hope this helps anyone looking.

  2. Great product by a trusted name I bought a different heating pad before this one by Cobra. It, compared to this one was awful. I returned that one and got this one immediately because my girlfriend got one for her snake. I love how it includes rubber feet to lift up the tank. It adheres well to the underside (or if you prefer the side) and works very well. If you’re looking for a heating pad for underneath a tank or on the side, go with ZooMed.

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