Zoo Med Turtle Dock for 10 Gallon Tanks, Small

Unique floating dock for aquatic turtles to bask on. Self leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels. Submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps. Available in 3 sizes to easily accommodate any size aquatic turtle. 11 x 15″

Product Features

  • Stable, self-leveling dock automatically adjusts to all water levels
  • Underwater ramp leads to comfortable, faux-rock basking area
  • 4 sizes accommodate newts, frogs, or turtles

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2 thoughts on “Zoo Med Turtle Dock for 10 Gallon Tanks, Small”

  1. Gets turtle out of the water… but then he ate it! I bought this about a year ago so my stinkpot turtle could get out to dry his shell. Like others have said, it is not that aesthetically pleasing, but it did the job. After a few months, the lower suction cups stopped sucking to the glass, and it grew algae very easily. Even after scrubbing, the algae came back soon. Then my turtle chomped it up- gross! I hope he doesn’t get sick! This time I will pay more to get a higher quality product.

  2. my turtle loves it!!! I resisted these things for years because I prefered to build natural platforms out of rocks, but that gets tricky if you want to raise the water level above 6 inches. What I love about this dock is that it gives my turt a nice big surface to climb on and bask, but he still has all that swimming room underneath. I just hope that he won’t start chomping away at it, as some turtles have done. The suction cups work great and really hold the dock firmly in place. Great price too! I resisted buying it when the retail shops all had it for $20, but at under $10 it was worth a gamble.

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